Saturday, November 20, 2010

XS4ALL mobile internet and Ubuntu

As I got some remarks about not updating this blog, I thought I'd post some again. Fiddling with my netbook and the XS4ALL 'Mobiel Internet' stick I got as an intermediate solution while they install ADSL, I noticed it is easy to get it running under Ubuntu. Unfortunately XS4ALL's helpdesk pages didn't provide any hints, so I just fiddled some myself.

The Huawei E1780 that is included in the package is recognised by Ubuntu without any extra configuration needed. Seems also the storage (MicroSD) and the storage bit in which the Windows/Mac OS X drivers are stored is supported. But that I don't care about.

With the netbook version of Ubuntu 10.10 (Maverick Meerkat), all you need to do more is go to System -> Preferences -> Network Connections and then under the Mobile Broadband tab you Add another connection:

Basically, all you need to supply:

Username: your XS4ALL username
Password: ..

That's all! Now you should be able to select your connection in the top panel under connections.. The network panel applet even shows connection type (HSDPA, UMTS, GPRS) and coverage in percentage.

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Francesc said...

dear Oosterink family,

I find myself in exactly the same situation (same ISP, same mobile modem, xubuntu 14.04) but am unable to get my modem connect to the interweb. two green flashes every 8 or so seconds is what it does... any ideas how to proceed ?

thanks a lot in advance !