Sunday, March 23, 2008

First post!

I got this free domain from my friends at and thought of what to do with it. My first idea was to create some pages by hand, but knowing myself, that will end up a horrible "under construction" page.

The next option I could think of was installing Joomla 1.5, a nice content management system (CMS). This would allow Floor and me to create and alter pages easily and probably have a nice sites with pictures up again, without using Gallery, a true CPU-hog. I started installing Joomla, following an online video tutorial. I'd rather read a writte tutorial, but this one was easier to find.

After installing PHP5 and MySQL 5 on my virtual Windows 2003 server, I noticed my phone (E61 with Mail for Exchange) was complaining about an incorrect password. Browsing to my /exchange/ site with a browser, I notices the OWA pages looked like a traditional directory listing from a newly installed Apache browser, simply listing availlable folders. I noticed restoring a previous IIS config wouldn't help me a bit, also uninstalling PHP and MySQL or fiddling with the ISAPI settings wouldn't bring back the original OWA pages.

Fortunately, re-applying Exchange 2003 sp2 restored the correct settings (I have no idea what precisely broke stuff), but I decided not to go forward with Joomla again. The fact that the virtual machine is already low on resources somewhat held me back already.

So the third option was to look for something online allowing at least some blogging. Looking to options to run on my own domain, I compared Blogger and Wordpress. I decided to go with Blogger, having a larger install base and knowing Google puts lots of efforts into optimising their products.

So here we are, running Blogger set-up to use our own domain, without the hassle of having a webserver at our own end. I'm not sure on the possibilities of hosting picture albums, but I can allways host those on my server at home still.

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