Monday, March 24, 2008

Article on Security Convergence (Dutch)

I wrote a (Dutch) article on Security Convergence with Leon Teheux, a colleague. To be precise, this time he wrote the article and I reviewed and added to it. It was published in the printed version of the Automatiseringsgids (Dutch!) last friday. The article deals with the topic of convergence of security, both in a technical manner as well as the organisational challenges that come with it.

Here is a PDF version of the article

We wrote an article together back in december, again in Dutch. This article was about the complex of IT network security being a mess all together. It's called Beveiliging netwerken een warboel and was published in the printed version of the Automatiseringsgids, on December 14th. It deals with concepts related to network security such as NAP and NAC, but also the Jericho Forum and the Liberty Alliance.

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